One of my patient came to visit me a week ago, she is 57 years old, she came because she got a lump over her left foot, we recommended Mensesbalance and RheuBeatPlus with big dosage, after 3 days taking, she got spotting and hot sensation of urination, she scared and stopped taking products and wants to return the products even after we explained to her: It is products working for improving circulation and giving water energy, menses is a symbol for showing women’s power, to have this kind of power or not, it does not depend on age, it depends on if you have good and energy energy and circulation or not, with the products, you have got spotting, it means your circulation is improved, energy is replenished. After above explanation, she is still scary, it makes me very sad because I saw the correct knowledge many people do not have, we need make more efforts to offer correct natural┬áhealth knowledge to people, and also I feel it is a pity for her that she does not want to understand as the way it should be…(to be continued>>)