Everybody is looking for the best doctors, the best medicine, the best treatment plan, but they never know or they ignore that everybody has the best self healing system itself, even though the best medicine will work through this self healing system. because there are no medicines that can work on the dead body, when people are dead, this self healing system will be gone too. You can not see the self healing system, but you can feel it, there are many kinds of sickness that will be recovered without any medication help, it really exists in your body. The self healing system will work at a perfect level when you have very good habits to follow your self spirit/mind features which are spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless, and happy. When you have very bad habits to follow your educated spirit/mind features which are passive, selfish, irritable, narrow-minded, craven and worried, the self healing system will work at a very low level, you will become sick. As we have said, self spirit/mind will control your body when you are less than 3 years old, see the babies how fast recovery they have, you will understand how powerful working your self healing system is!(to be continued>>)