We are living in the world full of impact of weather, we need to know some easy information to enjoy the weather’s benefit and avoid harm from weather. Weather includes wind, cold, heat, dampness, dry and fire. The weather is from nature or human-made, human-made weather refers to the weather what is made by AC or heating system or chiller cooling system. If you want to get benefits from the weather, the correct way to do is “sleep late(11:00pm), wake up early in Spring and Summer(5:00am); sleep early(9:00pm), wake up late in Autumn and Winter(7:00am)”, this kind of way will make your body follow the energy flow of nature, your body will have no big issues. Avoid your body to be exposed in crazy weather including the weather from nature and human-made. Because of human-made weather, people have a few chances to have sweating in summer, I advise people that to create chances to make your body sweating at least once a day in Summer, otherwise there will be too much toxins are kept in your body, later you will have more health issues. Remember do not make a shower until your sweating gone, when you are sleeping, do not make fan or AC blow your body, otherwise you will get wind attack easily to have flu or muscle problems. We will explain how wind, cold, heat, dampness, dry and fire will do harm to you one by one later…(to be continued>>)