Traditional Chinese medicine uses Chinese herbal medicines in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, including the treatment of gout. Chinese medicine has a thousand-year history and is respected worldwide as an alternative to conventional Western medicine. According to Dr. Sun, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. In China to compare the effectiveness of Western treatments for gout with the use of Chinese herbs from Heshoutang.

In the treatment of gout, it has indeed been shown that the results of two different treatment groups of patients: sick people or patients taking Chinese herbal medicines and other patients taking and taking standard Western medicines were basically the same (94.2 percent vs. 94 percent). The only noticeable difference between the two groups of patients is that the patients who were taking Western drugs. They had many side effects, unlike cured patients who took Chinese herbs from the Heshoutang Company. In which there were no side effects.

Chinese herbs do not cause dangerous side effects when taken under the proper supervision of a professional team.