Traditional Chinese medicine believes that human health is related to the four seasons of nature. In spring, Yang Qi rises and everything recovers. The natural world presents a vibrant scene. Human liver is exactly this characteristic. Spring corresponds to liver.

Women with a good liver will make them healthy and beautiful, and men with a good liver will make them strong! Liver and gallbladder is a filter of body toxins, just like the filter of a faucet, and blood circulates throughout the body. If it is not filtered well, it will cause stains, irritability, poor sleep, breast tenderness during menstruation, and lobular hyperplasia. Where the blood circulation of toxins goes, it will be blocked, so regular conditioning is necessary to reduce liver and gallbladder load and strengthen liver function.
The circulation route of the liver meridian In our inner thighs, the liver meridian is directly connected with the lungs, kidneys, stomach, and brain, which is of great significance. Only by dredging the liver and gallbladder can the body function better and the disease will disappear.

What should we do if we want to relieve liver qi?

Regular liver and gallbladder detoxification, dredge the liver meridian of the legs. Liver and gallbladder detox can effectively improve the basic health-digestive function. After several liver and gallbladder detox, the troubled allergies will gradually disappear.

In addition, stiffness in the neck and shoulders and back pain will disappear. You will feel unprecedented energy. The liver functions well, and it has direct and obvious changes to many chronic diseases, including hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, etc. So quickly dredge the liver and gallbladder and remove sub-health!