Spirit/mind is the key to your health and wealth, what you think, what you will be, what you do, what you will get; spirit/mind decides the action, the action decides the result. So to know what kind of spirit/mind you should follow is very important.

Spirit/mind is classified as self spirit/mind, parents spirit/mind, and educated spirit/mind.

Self spirit.mind decides who you are, it is from God directly before you are born, it is spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless, and happy. Self spirit/mind controls your body when you are less than 3 years old, when you are sleeping, when the crisis happens to you, when you practice meditation at a high level.

Parents spirit/mind is from your parents.

Educated spirit/mind is from society, different kinds of education, it is passive, selfish, irritable, narrow-minded, craven and worried. It controls people most of the time.

We should respect God, respect parents, respect people, keep spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless and happy, then your Self Mind will be in charge of your body…(to be continued>>)