Texas, Mississippi See Lowest COVID Cases in Almost a Year 1 Month After Lifting Mask Mandate from Newsweek today, it means wearing mask does not do any influence on Covid 19. In Heshoutang Natural Health, Covid 19 is a cold dampness toxin, it is a negative energy, not only an object what you can see it by microscope, it can not be stopped by hylic masks. Covid 19 as a negative energy, it invades the people with low energy or with weak immune system, it does not invade any person, even the person who have got Covid 19, not all will die, so to keep your body and immune system strong is the fundamental approach to fight against with Covid 19. In Heshoutang natural health, we give advice as below to help people fight against Covid 19:

1. Do what you should do without fear, because fear will mess up your body functions and reduce your immune system power.

2. Suitable exercise everyday keep building up the body and strengthen your immune system too.

3. One cup of ginger and brown sugar tea everyday for warming the body. Ginger is pungent, and warm, its pungent property will dispel dampness toxin of corona virus, its warm property will be against cold toxin of corona virus; brown sugar will supply nutrients and energy for your body. Ginger and brown sugar tea will build up your body and make your immune system stronger to be against the virus.

4. Regular work and leisure is necessary, never overwork at the present time. Overwork will reduce your immune system power.

With the advice above you can free of Covid 19, if you have caught Covid 19, and the situation is serious, please visit natural health practitioner to get personal natural health assessment and plan…(to be continued>>)