The so-called “monarch minister assistant ambassador”, that is, from the perspective of multiple medications, discuss the status of each drug in the prescription and the law of characteristic changes in effects after compatibility. It highly summarizes the principles of Chinese medicine dispatching and formulating prescriptions and is a further development of the compatibility of seven emotions. It is of great significance for studying and researching prescriptions of Chinese medicines and guiding clinical rational use of medicines.

The principle of the medicine formula

Monarch drug

It is a drug that plays a major role in the treatment of the main disease or main syndrome. Its medicinal power ranks first in the prescription, and its dosage is larger than when used as a minister or adjuvant. In a prescription, the monarch drug is the first and indispensable medicine.


Minister drug

It has two meaning. One is to assist Monarch medicine to strengthen the treatment of major diseases or major syndromes.

The second is drugs that have a therapeutic effect on complicated diseases or syndromes. It is not as powerful as the monarch medicine.

Assistant drug

There are three meaning. One is complementary medicine, that is, complementary and service medicine to enhance the therapeutic effect, or directly treat secondary symptoms.

The second is auxiliary drugs, which can eliminate or slow down the toxicity or effectiveness of monarch drug and ministerial drug.

The third type is anti-adjuvant, that is, according to the needs of the disease, the use of drugs with the opposite nature and taste to the monarch drug, and can play a complementary role in the treatment. The power of the adjuvant is less than that of the long-term medicine, and the general dose is lighter.

Ambassador  drug

There are two meanings:

There are two meaning. One is the meridian-introducing medicine, that is, the medicine that can introduce various Chinese medicines to reach the lesion.

The second is reconciling drugs, that is, drugs that have the effect of reconciling various drugs. Make the medicine less powerful and the dosage is also light.