There are seven kinds of emotions in the human body: laugh, anger, sadness, sorrow, thinking, shock and fear. It is normal for people to show feelings in different perspectives according to how people feel, if feelings are too unbearable or much, the human body can be affected. In fact, emotions are the first important cause to make diseases.

  • Laugh: HS generates laugh, moderate laugh is one kind of normal function of HS, over laughing will slow down energy flow to hurt HS.
  • Anger: LG generates anger, moderate anger is one kind of normal function of LG, over anger will speed energy flow up to hurt LG.
  • Sadness/Sorrow: LL generates sadness/sorrow, moderate sadness/sorrow is one kind of normal function of LL, over sadness/sorrow will expend energy to hurt LL.
  • Shock/Fear: KB generates shock/fear, moderate shock/fear is one kind of normal function of KB, over shock will mess energy flow up, over fear will make energy lost through KB to hurt KB.
  • Thinking : SS generates thinking, overthinking will make energy flow stuck to hurt SS.