Fire is not a strange word for all people, it is fire energy in Heshoutang Natural Health System, it happens in early Summer mainly(in late Summer, heat happens from frequent raining) or related environments. In nature, it can keep the world warm and boost everything growth; in human body, it can keep you warm and well-digestion, boost body growth, strengthen immue system, speed up recovery etc. and keep all of your functions properly working. If it is too much, it will become fire toxin to damage the world and make you sick by consuming water energy. When fire toxin is attacking you, you could have acne, ulcer, cancer, constipation, fever, bad sleep, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, bad breath, throat inflammation etc. If you feel you have fire toxin in your body, you could reduce meat foods, stop wine and soda drinks, quit coffee, take more vegetables, Sydney Tremella Soup is a great choice for your daily taking. If your problems are serious, please visit natural health specialists…(to be continued>>)