Dampness is water energy in Heshoutang natural health system, when seeing this word, people may connect with humidity, yes you are right, it can moisten the environments and your body, if it is too much, it will consume and arrest your fire energy to make you feel very heavy in your body, if it combines with heat and wind, you will get wind & heat flu, if it combines with wind, cold & dampness to invade your joints, you will have arthritis, if it invade your digestion system, you will have dysentery. To avoid dampness problems, especially if you live in humid places, you can do three kind of things below: 1. Keep excersing 1 hour till you have slight sweating everyday, because it can dispel dampness toxin out of your body before too much dampness toxin will hurt you; 2. Keep using some more chilies, or perper or ginger in your daily foods because they will dispel dampness toxin out of your body too; 3. If you already got dampness toxin problems such as arthritis, dysentery etc., the above regular methods can not work so well, you can ask alternative medicine specialists to help…(to be continued>>)