Cold does not bother Elsa but it does bother ordinary people. All people are familar with cold but I will tell our people some exact information about cold. In Heshoutang natural health, cold is water energy, it consumes your fire energy to make you feel freezing. It will freeze energy flow to make energy stasis, it will freeze blood flow to make blood blockage. In Heshoutang natural health, we have a saying, where there is energy stasis or blood blockage, there is a pain, so cold will make different kinds of pains from its freezing property including headache from wind & cold flu, cold heart pain from cold toxin invasion, stomach or belly pain from cold toxin attack, legs pain and muscles pain etc; it also can make you have watery diarrhea. How to deal these problems if you have? The most convenient and cheapest way to relieve the problems above is taking ginger tea, use hot for cold, you will get it done…(to be continued>>)