Emotions are playing the first important role in your health, because emotions are from mind/soul/spirit, mind/soul/spirit decides the action and the action decides the results. To keep happy and peaceful mind is the first key for you to keep healthy, it is easy to say but it is really hard to practice, really? The answer is no, because that means you do not think and understand deeply as the way below: Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is mysterious, only today is the best gift God gives you, do not use the past hate and sufferings to punish you, do not use the tomorrow mysterious deliria to consume your energy, keep your mind and soul happy and peace today, you will have a nice life forever. When difficulties or trouble come, the only way is to find the solution by your action not by your crazy, worrisome mind, if you can find the solutions, just do it, if you can not find the solutions, worry and craziness can not help, only can make the things worse and your body sick, so why you do not leave it alone with peaceful mind?(to be continued>>)