There are too many people have this kind of experience: They are suffering from some discomforts and have done all analysis by the hospital, but the doctors tell them there is nothing wrong with them and ask them to have rest only staying at home. When you get this kind of conclusion, you will feel very confused and frustrated: “I am suffering a lot, you tell me that nothing wrong with me?” I have a patient who has got stomach pain over 60 years, when she came to me the first time she was crying and told me that she has done everything and was told to have a rest only.

It is very normal to have this kind of conclusion from conventional analysis because it only can find organic level health issues while health issues are classified as functional level and organic level. Functional level health issues are from sickness of mind/spirit or emotions, they are energy flow problems. Functional level health issues are in early stage of sickness, they are easier to be treated, but they can not be fount out by conventional analysis because conventional analysis can only find out organic level health issues. If functional level health issues are not treated correctly or timely, they will go to organic level which can be found out by convenional analysis even by your own eyes, but they are in late stage and difficult to be treated, that is another reason that so many incurable diseases in the world.

To know this kind of concept will help you to tell what kind of level of your health issues, you feel discomforts and doctors tell you nothing wrong, you will know that you already get functional level health issues and need to find correct solutions to improve timely, natural health can do this. Maybe people will ask what happened to my patient who has 60 years stomach pain, I can tell with one month natural health plan, her stomach pain gone…(to be continued>>)