Meditation can restore vitality

When sitting meditation, the concentration is high, breathing becomes smooth and even, the energy consumption of the body is reduced, the oxygen consumption of the heart is also much lower than usual, and the power of blood circulation is naturally strengthened than usual. Strong blood circulation can help us purify the clogged substances in the blood vessels, and restore the vitality of  blood vessels.

The enhanced blood circulation through the internal organs can help purify the accumulated metabolic waste and enhance the self-healing function of the internal organs; through the skin, it can help the skin and muscles purify excess free radicals and improve the complexion. Even if it’s a short-term meditation, you will feel the relaxed and comfortable life energy rising from the depths of your body.

Experts pointed out that meditation has a significant regulatory effect on chronic diseases and stubborn symptoms, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, insufficient blood supply to the brain, migraine headaches, heavy body, cold limbs, rheumatism, insomnia, night sweats, etc.

Meditation helps to release anxiety, tension, irritability, and restlessness, and make the whole life feel calm, joyful, comfortable and peaceful.
All spiritual products, including thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc., have a physiological basis, and that is our nervous system. Therefore, body and mind influence each other.
Our unstable emotions and thoughts are not created out of thin air. The reasons for it are not only the external people and things, but also the internal cause of the body. The nervous system of the body is the physiological basis of emotions and thoughts.

For example, when a person is angry, give him an injection of anesthetic, which paralyzes the body’s nervous system, and his anger will disappear immediately.

Meditation is like massaging our nervous system, so that this “naughty child” no longer affects us. According to research by medical experts, during the process of sitting meditation, we control our hearts. The frontal lobe activity in the frontal area of the brain will increase, and brain cells will begin to secrete endorphins and serotonin, which help the human nerves. An important element of system relaxation and calm.

Many people can feel their nervous emotions relieved and their irritable moods calmed down after ten minutes of meditation. Long-term meditation practice can help us develop a stable and calm emotional state.