Our minds are originally pure, but because of ignorance and attachment, we regard vain things as real, and we regard vain thoughts as our own minds, troubles and entanglements in it, and cannot return to the original state of innocence of  life.
Meditation is to help us let go of our attachment to the external world and return to the awareness of our inner life.
We no longer rely on external gains and losses to determine the meaning of “self”, let the mind rise with awareness and detachment power, not be disturbed by the external environment, and remain in a clear, tranquil and peaceful life experience.
Through the spiritual power cultivated in meditation, a person can achieve a clear mind, fully contemplate the inner self and the outer world, and return to the original joy of life.
No matter how the external situation changes, stay with this joy, undisturbed and free.
Meditation can change the temperament of the body and mind.
There is an analogy that sitting in meditation is like taking a bath for our soul Persisting in sitting meditation every day can calm one’s temperament and present an elegant, quiet, and soft beauty between gestures. This temperament is the product of the balance of mind and body. At the same time, the softer the inner mentality, the better the purification of the outer body, the more stable the inner emotions, the better the temperament presented on the outside.