• What is H-MEDIA?
  • How to use H-Media?
  • Benefit rules when you are using H-MEDIA
  • About Heshoutang Natural Health System Learning and Joining Heshoutang Team
  • What is H-MEDIA?
    H-MEDIA is shorted for Heshoutang Media, it is born for spreading natural health information on the basis of Heshoutang Natural Health System to build up alternative knowledge for people to know about their health, so people will have more options to maintain and improve their health.
  • How to use H-MEDIA?
    H-MEDIA is a free platform where all natural health followers, natural health specialists, natural health business owners can read, write, talk by live streaming and discuss all natural health related news, knowledge, opinions and testimonials in order to build up the natural health climate.
    You need to click “LOGIN” on the right top to go to Login/Register page, if you have already got the account, you can login to do what you can do, if you do not have an account, you can click “REGISTER” and chose as Author or Contributor or Subscriber.
  • Benefit rules when you are using H-MEDIA
    Points for registrations 30 Points.
    Points for Anniversary 365 Points.
    Points for daily visits 5 Points.
    Points for viewing content: 3 Points for Viewing Posts, 1 Point for Author; 3 Points for Viewing Pages, 1 Point for Author.
    Points for logins 5 Points, 1 limit per day.
    Points for publishing content: Publishing Posts 10 points each; Publishing Pages 10 points each.
    Trashing content: Trashing Posts -5 Points each; Trashing Pages -5 Points each.
    Points for comments: Approved Comments 2 Points each for Member, 1 Point each for Author, 20 Comments awarded as Limit for each post.
    SPAM Comments: -10 Points each for Member.
    Trashed Comments: -5 each for Member.
    Points for clicking on links 1 Point each with once for each unique URL.
    Points for viewing Videos 10 Points for each Full watching.
    Referring Visitors 5 Points each 20 referrals per day.
    Referring Signups 10 Points each 10 referrals per day.
    The points can be converted into Heshoutang Credit(H Dollar) with the exchage rate: 100:1.
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