Ok, now we will explain the chapter 12 of Heshoutang natural health system, it is called diabetes in Heshoutang natural health system. You know the diabetes I think almost everybody knows it, but in fact today we explain the diabetes in Heshoutang natural health system, because it really exists misunderstanding about diabetes, as I said, before you take any action for your health, to have the correct knowledge it is the first important for you to do, because the correct knowledge will make you decide what kind of action you need to take, and the knowledge will decide the direction of the action, if the knowledge is wrong, whatever the action you take, you struggle for it, you make very hard to do it, you can not get the correct results from your action, and it will make you desperate, it will make you bored, why? Because the knowledge must be correct. Or maybe many people they will ask too, how you can say the knowledge from Heshoutang natural health is correct, in fact if it is correct or not, it is not difficult to understand because as I said Heshoutang natural health knowledge we use only what you can feel, we use the words only what you can understand, we use the common words for you, we use the common words, simple words to describe the information, and this kind of words or articles can make everybody understand it. Let’s see the information on diabetes in Heshotuang natural health system. The key points are here, I will finish reading all of these points first, then I will give you a deeper explanation.

Blood sugar plays an important role in the human body, Glucose supplies 80% ATP to your body, ATP is energy, this kind of words are from chemical knowledge. Protein & fat supply 20% ATP to your body. Diabetes is from that organs’ functions are in disorder, High blood sugar level is a stress response from disorder of organs’ functions. To focus on reducing blood sugar level only without improving organs’ functions is wrong, after the disorders of organs’ functions are improved, your blood sugar level will go down itself.

So, this is the key point of diabetes in Heshoutang natural health system. Among those kinds of key points, the first important thing I want to remind you is what? In the Heshoutang natural health system we define the high blood sugar level is a stress response from disorder of organs’ functions. What is a stress response, I can give you an example, when people use a needle ok? or use a knife to prick your skin, ok? And your body will take it back, will do this naturally ok? This kind of action from somebody wants to prick you, we can say it is a stress response, in another way, for diabetes patients, the sugar level is high, it is the body should do that because you know the sugar level high from your own body adjustation. You know it means for the diabetes patients you should have that kind of high sugar level for what? For supporting your body to have enough energy to survive.

Why? Because even in the chemical knowledge, it tells us sugar or glucose will supply 80% ATP or we can say energy to your body, fat & protein only supply 20% ATP or energy to you. When your body functions are in disorders, the sugar level becomes higher because of what? Even the chemical knowledge found that diabetes patients, the cells, ok? you know when the sugar is absorbed into the body, the body needs to transfer the sugar or the glucose into the cells, before the glucose is transferred into the cells, there is a receptor on the cells ok? To hold to catch the glucose and then to take it into the cells to produce energy, but diabetes patients’ receptors look like the cells do not know, or the cells can not recognize the glucose. You know if the receptor on the cells which will transfer the glucose into the cells, if this receptor can not recognize the glucose, and the cells can not get the glucose to produce energy, this means your body will be in lower energy supply and that is why the body will adjust the sugar level to be high, to be high for what? It tries to get more energy.

So if you only consider or if you only focus on reducing your sugar level without fixing your body problems, finally your body will have no energy to use, you will have multi organs failure, circulation problems, many complications will happen. So from this point, in Heshoutang natural health knowledge, we say high sugar level or high blood sugar level is a stress response from disorders of organs’ functions, and in fact the sugar in your body is too much just relatively, but in fact in your body the sugar or glucose is shortage, is a problem. So from this point, we can say if diabetes patients want to be healed, we have to improve the people’s body functions, all the functions, whatever the stomach functions, liver functions, kidney functions, lungs functions, heart functions, whatever. Only focus on the functions’ improvement or only focus on the organs’ functions recovery, then you can fix the diabetes problem.

Before I also explained to our people what is the health definition in Heshoutang natural health system, what is the correct health, what is the correct plan, the correct plan for you that you can tell yourself, if this plan you are taking can improve your problems and after you stop it your problems are better or be healed or gone, this means this plan is correct. Lifelong taking, addiction inside, make you addicted to the plan, that is wrong, that is not fixing your problems, that is not improving your problems, that is only hiding the real problems that you have right now. I have told our people, diabetes patients in Heshoutang natural health knowledge, if you only focus on reducing your sugar level without improving your body functions, finally you will have multi organs failure, this kind of complications: kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, the lung failure, that is what the diabetes patients scare about, and also circulation problems, people have diabetic foot, people will get the amputation finally, they have to cut their legs. Why do those kinds of complications happen because there is no energy to use, no energy to use, organs’ failure looks like the car no gas, if the car no gas, the car stopped working. So this is the key information of diabetes in Heshoutang natural health knowledge.

Remember, high sugar level is a stress response of your body against what? Against the disorders of your organs, do not focus on the sugar level reduction only, yes if the sugar level very high, it will damage you, no doubt, but according to my experience, there are a few diabetes patients die from high sugar level, most diabetes patients die from low sugar level, die from multi organs failure, multi organs failure, why multi organs failure, no sugar, no energy, so this kind of information is a revolutionary information, in fact all the information of Heshoutang natural health system is revolutionary information, and this kind of information is not difficult to understand, I hope all people whoever you are, when you get this kind of information if you think it is right, spread this kind of information to your friends to your family members, and this is you are helping other people to improve their health too, ok? Thank you for today.