My kids are in current school where my house is located in, but yesterday my wife asked me to enroll another school what she think that it is is better for kids because that school has more good teachers and more strict controls. I told my wife we should ask our kids what they think of it, especially the oldest kid. I do like this way because firstly, the school is not the first factor to decide if you will be great or not, as I said in other article, your spirit/mind decides all your health & wealth, we should follow our children’s own mind and personality to induce them what they should do, what they should not, it is not parents make decisions without considering children’s situation; secondly, if the school is good or bad, it is just measured by certain factors, not all, if the school is very strict control, it will be very good for students to catch high scores but it will limit children’s nature for creation, creation ability is the first important for human beings; the third, if parents make decisions for children, it will not good for relationshp between parents and children, especially when children do not want it, you force them to do, the relationship will become more and more strange…(to be continued>>)