14 10, 2020

Know Heshoutang questionnaire LG

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LG generates decisions, helps digestion, stores blood, connects with tendons, nails, eyes, for women, LG controls fertility, breasts, ovaries, uterus.  Body sides suffering, easily angry, anxiety and depression: LG energy stasis, HappyForte is recommended to smooth LG energy.  Numbness on fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs: Blood stuck, RheuBeatPlus is recommended to break blood stuck.  Serious shaking body: Water energy [...]

14 10, 2020

Know Heshoutang questionnaire KB-2

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Burning urine, dripping urine, painful urine: Hot dampness toxin in KB, RoClear and ProstatiCare and RheuBeatPlus are recommended.  Frequent urine:  KB fire energy low, patients have “pale face”, “weak energy”, “cold belly”, “cold waist”, “cold legs” or “edema legs” etc., Reno Fire Pill is recommended.  KB water energy low and fire toxin high, patients have “sweating during sleep”, or “hot [...]

14 10, 2020

Know Heshoutang Questionnaire KB-1

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KB dominates shock and scare, often shock and scare will hurt KB. KB generates confidence, control memory, connects with bones, bone marrow, spine, spine marrow, and brain, KB connects with sex and fertility too, KB controls urine and defecation, even ears, hairs and teeth are under KB control. The waist is the house of kidneys.  Sore pain in waist, spine, [...]

14 10, 2020

Know Heshoutang questionnaire LL

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LL dominates sadness and sorrows, and much sadness and sorrows will hurt LL, LL controls airways and breathing, LL is connected with skin, throat and nose.  Cough with white, thin & clear phlegm: Cold toxin in LL, we need warm LL while removing phlegm, to warm LL Lung Fire Pill, Phlegm Pro Pill is used for removing phlegm, swallow the [...]

14 10, 2020

Heshoutang products abbreviations

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Blocked Nose: BN;  BloodDetox: BD;  CANTICER: CT; CANTICERPLUS: CTP; CardiOKare: COK; Clot Broker: CB; DetoXlim: DX; DissHernia: DH; EasternCoffee: EC; GlucoNature: GN; GlucoNaturePlus: GNP; HappyForte: HF;  Heart Pill: HP;  HepaStopForte: HSF; LiverDetox: LDX; Lung Calm Pill: LCP; Lung Fire Pill: LFP; Lung Water Pill: LWP; MaXemen: MX;  MensesBalance: MB; Migrainum Pill: MP; Phlegm Pill: PP; Phlegm Pro Pill: PPP; ProstatiCare: PC;  [...]

14 10, 2020

Know Heshoutang questionnaire SS-1

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SS dominates thinking, overthinking will make LG energy stasis to hurt SS, SS controls digestion, muscles and four limbs, SS controls lips and generates phlegm/mucus. SS is the energy source of human beings; SS healthy situations will affect all disease recovery progress. Appetite Strong: It shows SS water energy low and fire toxin high, BloodDetox (Clean high fire energy all [...]

14 10, 2020

Know about Heshoutang questionnaire SS-2

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Bad Breath: SS water energy low and fire toxin high, BloodDetox will deal this problem, HappyForte can be an assistant to help BloodDetox to remove Bad Breath.  Acid Odor in Mouth: SS fire energy low, possibly combined with symptoms such as watery diarrhea or vomiting with undigested foods, Reno Fire Pill is recommended, HappyForte as an assistant to help recovery.  [...]

13 10, 2020

Know about Heshoutang Questionnaire

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Heshoutang Questionnaire is a tool which Heshoutang Member will use for doing personal assessment and getting health plans for clients. It mainly contains symptoms which most people can understand instead of using unintelligible words. “Translate Symptoms to Products” is the way how Heshoutang Questionnaire works. With Heshoutang Questionnaire, we can deal with most health issues people have. We deal with [...]

13 10, 2020

Heshoutang personal assessment rules

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HESHOUTANG PERSONAL ASSESSMENT RULES Energy low-Replenish it; Energy stasis-Smooth it; Blood stuck and blockage-Break it; Phlegm-Remove it; Hot dampness toxin-Clear it; Fire excessive-Calming down it; Cold-Warm it; Hot-Cold it; Close-Open it; Open-Close it. PRODUCTS RELATED WITH THE RULES  Energy low-Replenish it Water energy low Lung Water Pill to replenish LL water; Heart Pill to replenish HS water; Reno Water Pill [...]

13 10, 2020

Know hot dampness toxin in your body

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HOT DAMPNESS TOXIN is generated by greasy and spicy foods or from hot, humid weather, it is a very stubborn toxin which makes people feel bored, and it needs a longer time to treat. HOT DAMPNESS TOXIN SHOWS POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS Rosacea Burning urine, Dripping urine, Painful urine, Frequent urine Stool with mucus Stones Aurigo Hepatitis Thick and yellow tongue coating [...]

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