Nowadays, there are too many people get cancers, most people are very scary and pass away finally due to out of control.

Natural Health will give you a new concept about cancer, the information below will help you break away from fear of cancer.

What is Cancer

Cancer is one kind of  imbalance of your water and fire energy. Cancer cells are from normal cells, water and fire energy of normal cells are in balance level, when water energy is low due to exceeding consumption or when fire toxin is excessive due to fire toxin’s invasion or internal generation, normal cells will become crazy and invasive cancer to make fire phenomena in your body such as easily hungry, easily thirsty, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, hyperthyroidism, hot flashes, serious constipation, burning sensation of urination, dry mouth, bad breath, strong smell in private parts, ulcers etc. and cancer metastasis.

Causes of Cancer

In last articles, we have explained that emotions, weather, foods & drinks, work & leisure, sex & heredity are the causes of all diseases of human beings, we advise people to manage all those factors in a peaceful way, every factor can not be too much or too less, incorrect management of every factor can make imbalance of your water & fire energy to generate different kinds of diseases. Among all these factores, emotions play the first important role of your health or your disease, because we have told people that mind/spirit decides actions, actions decide result, mind/spirit decides everything of you, emotions are generated from mind/spirit. Over angry people will have a bigger possibility to have liver and gallbladder system cancer, overthinking people will have a bigger possibility to have stomach system cancer, over sad people will have a bigger possibility to have lung system cancer, over frightened people will have a bigger possibility to have Leukaemia(blood cancer). Over fear will increase the speed of cancer development, many people die very fast after they are diagnosed as cancer, because they are very fear and hopeless.

What to do

Firstly, you need to remove the fear of cancer, as we said, mind/spirit decides everything of you, fear of cancer will increase the speed of cancer development heavily. It is better that you do not know you have got cancer before you meet with the correct solutions, once you are diagnosed as cancer, keeping a common mind without fear is what you need to do.

Secondly, surgery? No, surgery could be only used for emergency, normal cells become cancer cells because the people have cancer-related environment to produce and feed cancer cells, surgery only can remove present cancers but can not change the internal environment, that is why some time later, people will get cancer again; chemotherapy and radiotherapy? No, chemotherapy and radiotherapy will kill cancer cells while normal cells are killed too, what’s more, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are another hot toxin which will enhance the power of cancer-related environment making people to gain cancers more easier with a lot of sufferings. With above three kinds of methods, most people will pass away sooner or later. In natural health, we work on cancer-related environment by cleaning excessive fire toxin and replenish water energy to balance cancer cells’ energy, cancer cells could be converted into normal cells or replaced with new normal cells while using other combinations according to people’s body situation.

Thirdly, cut the root source of cancer. As we said, all disease are from irregular management for your emotions, foods & drinks intake, work & leisure, sex as well as weather, those irregular management will make you to have bad habbits. We need to find out what kind of bad habbits you have, advise you to manage your habbits correctly, it will be a very big help for your recovery and cutting the root source of your cancer. (to be continued>>)