Acid Reflux can not take your life away, but it is really disturbing your life and reducing your life quality especially when you have to take tidine drugs in your whole life.

As we said all diseases are from your bad emotion habits, your bad foods & drinks habits, your bad sex habits, your bad work & leisure habits and weather. In Heshoutang natural health, acid reflux is mostly caused by excessive angry or excessive spicy with ice or excessive greasy foods. To have a peaceful mind, avoid excessive spicy with ice and excessive greasy foods is the first important for you to heal your acid reflux, it can cut the root source of your acid reflux.

Acid reflux is from your liver system energy’s reverse and up which should go down to push digested foods into intestines, it will push gastric acid up to hurt your gullet and throat, then you have acid reflux issue. In Heshoutang natural health, we need work on your liver system energy to smooth and calm down your liver energy, your acid reflux will disappear.

Honey is a very good choice for improving your acid reflux, but remember using warm water to mix honey and drink it, it will help a lot for your acid reflux. (to be continued>>)