Many american kids will lock themselves in the room, lie down on bed, play games by phones, ipads or computers after school, many parents just let them be because parents can enjoy their own time, but it is really bad for leaving kids to do this kind of stuff alone, it will generate autism or other psychologic issues with other health issues for kids, it will cut nice relathioship between kids and parents because kids communicate with games insteald of parents. There is a good way what I am using right now and I found out it really works that every night I take all my kids to skatepark, by skating we have more communications with kids and kids have more social communications with other people there, kids’ body are built up, kids’ mind is become stronger. It does not matter how long time you can spare, it matters you keep doing it, make it as a habit of your family, you will have a nice and great family…(to be continued>>)